Computational Linguistics and Social Networks Lab



The Computational Linguistics and Social Networks Lab (CLSNet Lab) is established in Computer Science Department at BITS Pilani, Goa Campus, India. The CLSNet Lab aims at developing computational models for natural languages (including low-resource languages) and human behaviour in real-world. This includes a wide range of subfields in natural language processing (NLProc) and social network analysis (SNA).

The NLProc projects at our lab focus on understanding and developing computational mechanisms to solve a variety of inter-disciplinary tasks: social computing, human language understanding, applications of NLP in  IoT, business process mining, and computational biology.

The SNA projects aim to investigate social relations and structures for solving diverse inter-disciplinary problems using networks and graph theory based techniques. These problems includes offensive expressions, hate speech, terrorism, and collaborative network applications in the domain of wireless communication and IoT. 

In addition to the SNA techniques, the lab also focuses on investigating heterogenous and complex graphs methods for designing ontologies and knowledge graphs. The current research interests also include application of SNA, and ML in the domain of IoT, wireless communication, and vehicular networks.

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